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R.I.P.PLE Effect: Rules of the Road

If you had a chance to go back in time to correct a mistake, would you? Have you ever made a horrible mistake and wished you could undo it? Grab a copy of the R.I.P.PLE Effect and journey through the causes and effects of reckless driving.

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My Private Story: Jason's Story

Revisit Jason’s story from the whole new perspective! Color in familiar pages and write out your own story! We encourage parents and guardians to take part and see what their child have learned, and how they’d respond!

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This book is about a little girl who lost her mother. Even though she misses her, she can remember all of the times they shared. Follow her journey as she reflects on the memories of her mom's love, comfort, and care that carried her into adulthood.

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These shoes are literally so much more comfortable than I imagined, and I feel so empowered wearing them! Just ordered more pairs.


Not only am I paying for style, but my proceeds are going towards their programs that spread awareness to human trafficking. I love this!


Thank you for exceeding our expectations with this new launch. I love how the clothes are so comfy and fitting.


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